so i'm sitting here thinking.

libbe jones is one of those people i introduce as "my best friend." so is donna. so is zana. so is flash. so is kalei. so is olena. shit, so is alli. so is sherri... shit. i just have nothing but love for my peeps, you know? but LIBBE is special because she and i go back. like waaaaaaay back. you may have noticed that we don't really have a lot in common or even get along that well (haha) but we are family. i used to go to her house and play with her 194810948 kittens in elementary school. i used to escape to her house and pretend her parents were my parents in junior high. i used to burn with her dad in high school. i used to crush on her brother in 6th grade. we have soooo many stories riddled with teenage schenanigans because, even though we went to different high schools, we were always in each other's lives.

she's super cool too-- funniest person i know. and i got three texts in a row from her about a month ago.
"christa, i saw a cheap fare to hawaii, what do you think?"
"yo, are you going to be around in may?"
"YO BITCH! I'll be there the first week of may!"
um. okay! she got here just in time for another week of whatever whatever whatever on da isle.

cinco de mayo was fuckin awesome. MY BOYS ARE BACK! they had a big welcome home concert at pipeline cafe.
that's lihi, libbe's friend that she brought with her... and you know chris

the girls just love this man. if you never met him you'll never understand.

my most favorite fucking band in the world people. the WORLD.

tons of people came out. nuthin but smiles and skankin. and hot chicks.

MAN i love natural vibes. seriously.

BUT! it's cinco de mayo so let's cruise over to the wave shall we?

all my peeps were there. and look at phillip vibing on me. aw.


aw rosiedoll that's the spirit

this may just look like a bad crowd shot, but look at the bottom-- there's flash and aubrey taking it from about ten feet up on the ice. i did one too. shit was NOT cool. i was down there wondering just how many fucking mouths had been on that ice before i got there. eeew.

first fridays in chinatown are SO choice. i never really do the gallery walk or whatever but i DO like to cruise through and check out the stuff. first thing i hear while i'm walking up smith street is

well if it isn't my brother kahala chris. having a birthday party for michelle at her firm downtown. fuck yeah i'll have a drink, chris.


it seriously isn't a party in hawaii without this stuff. oh, how i love you, poke.

laura and beau's new baby girl was SUPER pissed at me after i took this pic. i figure, she might as well get introduced to christa and the canon early on tho, right?

time to check out some shit, yo.

that dude got schooled after i snapped this shot for getting all up on her. shit was funny.

we cruised through thirtynine slightly before the whole "jam packed wall to wall fuckin people" thing. it was a nice, comfortable crowd.

the new shit is dope

party dogs!

you know the aunty that used to live across from taharba? i forget her name but you KNOW who i'm talking about. she finally got a spot too. her clothes are ....

chris likes to wear this on first fridays. haw haw.

okay okay okay so chinatown is hopping. time to go check back in on the rooftop birthday ho down.
well look who's here!

john berger found his way up too. i caught him red-handed about to grope elise

libbe feels me up every chance she gets

this guy was the closest thing to a boyfriend i've had since living in hawaii. i haven't seen him since, like, christmas. what's up chris! ladies, those hands are magic.*

*no, seriously, he does massage therapy

so time for this fuckin night to get started already. jeez. where are we-- oh! o lounge.

liz had a crush on flash back in intermediate. now she.... owns the o lounge.

why you will never hear flash complaining about being five foot seven

lola just got back from california too. now she's... at the o lounge.

elaine looking fucking smoking as usual

so okay okay okay whatever whatever whatever time to move!
i know this is only, technically, the second club but me and libbe and lihi are BEYOND wasted by now. seriously.
flash needs to fuckin catch up. that's dan-o the gm at oceans. be nice to him. fuck.

i wasn't sure if amanda was as fucked up as us but she sure can hang

i'm just now starting to appreciate the fucked up mirror shot

so okay okay okay whatever whatever whatever. time for the W.
matty boy taking a risk with the camo.*

*that's why we love you

the dream team

aubrey and i had similar gear on tonight. i was all stoked on it.

our baby doing what he does

philip: "flash damnit you're making a scene"

haw haw HAW this pic is fuckin hilarious. look at flash! HAW!

so whatever whatever whatever. time for the wave.
i think she likes me.

the wave was... the wave. i wanted my girl to see the living room so the girls snuck out and cruised over there real quick like. shhhh.
oh-- and libbe's friend? that's lihi. they met doing teach for america. lihi is, like, a school PRINCIPAL. and she gets pissed when i tell people. so, pretend you don't know.

living room was great. great parking lot bonding moment when we all witnessed the last part of a car chase. fucking rad.
time for 301. and piper. cause it's how we do. bitches.

so okay okay okay whatever whatever whatever.

it's saturday. i'm tired. but i'm gonna live. why? because i'm at the fucking SPA bitches.

this girl has some serious hook ups. i fuckin love you lihi.

i'm still getting used to these. let me do my thing, i'm sure they will start to get better.

i went out to catch the sunset on our lanai and this bird would NOT move. i kept taking pictures and he'd just look at me. so here. i call this shot:
"cool sunset if the damn bird wasn't in the way"

food was brought promptly up to the suite... what did we order?


and PIZZA! haw haw haw.

oh, and i must have my favorite french onion soup too.

ah, that's better

so if we can ever get libbe's nose to stop bleeding we can get to skyline. haw haw haw. these girls had no idea what to expect-- i mean, pictures don't really tell a lot about this party. it's extreme. it's partying on steroids. it's... i dunno.
libbe is like "what the hell are all these damn people doing and why the hell is it such a big deal to get in here and who the hell is that hot dude with the clipboard and thank fuck he has our names on it"

candee cracks me up. and brian... well you do things to me too.

if you want your girl kalei to be able to dance on the table for those five precious extra minutes before they take her down, you MUST do this to security every time you see them. hey, i know how to pay my dues.

zana and libbe go way back

the hula dancer got paparazzi'd tonight. rad. mieska? you're HOT!

everyone loves jamal

gerard! rosie! chris! BOO!

gerard is like this fucking brilliant filmmaker. i'm a huge fan of his. he cruised with the "pandemonium" all night too. fucking YES.

WHAT the fuck happened in this shot. i love it. kalei? that's one warning! two left! yes.

zana came in close second in the mini-skirt off. only because kalei was up on the table though.

sexy fucking monica

rosie informed me tonight that LG is "kinda of a big deal"

what's with me and hats this weekend?

pez? shoots.

champagne? shoots.

this is shaun. he is my future ex husband. everyone knows. it was cute tonight how i would randomly grab someone and go "WHO IS THIS!" and they would say "that's your future ex husband"

landon had some sort of contraption that was making clicking sounds and had a blinking light.

flash informed me that she was the best dancer ever. don't have to pay her, give her comps, guestlist, or hear her bitch or complain. shadowdancers dot com.*

* yes, dear, but she also doesn't put out

amanda spent more money on her hair and makeup tonight than i did on my cell phone crystals

aukai reminds me of that cartoon dude who "would love him and squeeze him and call him george" in this shot. jess. you okay?

sexy skyline regulars right here people

zana loves me. thank god!

KALEI! that's two! we only get one more so use it wisely. haw haw.

honolulu's it couple. wait, i think i used that before. okay okay..... how about.... honolulu's luckiest man alive and the girl i've been trying to steal from him since i met her? no? suggestions welcome.

ikon loves christa

shit. that's three. we're SO outta here.

time for the wave. jimmy and cheryl were waiting.

zana is racking up more goody points for the next skyline. sweet! maybe next time she can stay up there for FIFTEEN minutes!

it was crazy hot at the wave tonight. me and zana were upstairs dancing. i think i lost about 8 pounds tonight. skyline was overheated too. probably because shit was at capacity at 11 FUCKING thirty. i dunno what to tell you, hawaii people.... you need to get there early.

see? i told you. she LOVES me.

still with me? okay! cause i'm almost done.... one of my best friends from california just moved here. remember alli? YES!
you people are gonna LOVE this girl.

libbe and alli go way back. seriously.

i have a few more from the random wednesday when i was cruising at jen vo's catching up with olena (I KNOW! don't you miss her? well! she's back from japan and will be back in christa's blogs very very soon) and vince and sarah and kalei when all of a sudden i get a text from flash:
"EVERYONE is at the o lounge! come!"

so i went. "everyone" turned out to be him and ryan laskey. haw haw haw.

that's cool though. i fuckin love ryan laskey. and if you were smart you would too. seriously. but forget it. he's not gonna hook you up.
have you been here yet?

pretty cool. new owner is MY age. ugh.

random sorts cruising tonight. ran into mike who was on his way to south america to live. jesus. and superstar shaper keoki. who was on his way... i dunno. to the beach?

fuckin ryan. good times.

we did a lot of shots. a lot.

that's where it ends my dears.

looking at the week ahead... (haw haw that sounds so official)....

we got... wave employee party at the skybox on monday-- i'm gonna kick EVERYONE'S ass at darts. then tuesday is the opening of BADA BING!!!! lemme know if you wanna come in with ME i have extra passes and shit's gonna be [open bar] tight! it's downtown at the first hawaiian bank bldg. then... the dentist on wednesday.... OH WAIT!!! the most awesome event this week! the AKANE CLOTHING SPRING FASHION SHOOOOOOOOW. yes, friends, she's doing it again. come over to the gallery saturday afternoon and kick it with us. it's gonna be fun.