so... I LOVE VINCE! vince krause is like the most awesome guy ever. there's a lot of people that agree with me on this one, trust me.

and no matter how humble he is, or how much he outs himself down, last saturday spoke for ALL of us. the entire island and a gaggle of pro fighters showed up to his surprise birthday dinner at that brazilian steakhouse in mccully.

hope is here for the summer. we LOVE hope. that other guy? ya, he just won his fight the night before. rad.

when you're vince of course the og skaters will be there. 'sup rob. 'sup sam.

and when you're vince of COURSE fabulous cathy tanaka will be there

and when you're vince you will ABSOLUTELY have a kelei appearance

the man behind the razegear

bj penn is innocent

this is the chinaman. vince showed me footage of him kicking some dude in the head and knocking him out like 2 seconds in to a fight. i'm not scared.

mahem is a rad fighter too. but tonight he's rad because he's cruising with CATHY TANAKA. (and they match. that's kinda rad too).

tonight i also got to finally meet dr pete. he is the guy who saved vince's life. it's a long story. but it's an amazing story. maybe one day i'll tell you.

so anyway... it's saturday and it's the last weekend of the month. that means 80s weekend at the WAVW bitches. the FUNNEST weekend of the month.

my car in the vip lot... just got it back all fixed!
reunited with her cousin lulu tonight. leelou and lulu.

raena having valet roadrage. i was like "giiiiiiirl... the old kpoi lot! get on it!"

the P.A.B.

veronica scolding us "you girls are too sexy to be in here tonight......"

arrived just in time for the costume contest.
yung jon que hosted tonight. we LOVE this kid.

this girl rules. period. but you had to be there.

that's his real hair, yo

rockers, yo

these dudes were cool too

the winner... i was like "oh so original" but flash was like "um, ya NOBODY has done this yet tho...". well enjoy that extra $300 cash, yo

ahem... MONICA TIME!

if you only knew... or do you? maybe you do.

rock out my babies

remember eddie from peru? the ripper? ya i know, his hair has grown out a lot

over here baby

that's it. eyeliner crisis averted thanks to sarah.

*sigh* sarah......

aw! did you miss her?

if you missed this weekend don't worry! they're back in a month.

now that i think about it, the last time i saw raena was the 80s weekend...LAST month. aw, now i miss deej and daniel.

i LOVE these kicks

i LOVE this girl

thanks to sarah we have good shots of the band...

aubco's new bamp bling

matty boy taking a rest. he was awfully rowdy tonight :)

HEY! it's JOEY DICKERSON!!!!!!!!!

pablo pablo pablo

just noticed they wern't pink tonight. guess the pussy was on the rag? (eeew)

chad's baaaaaack

matty's phone makes me drool a little

BRANDON CHING makes me drool a little (his shots are my favorite)

brandon's shot.... check the midweek!

so much fun

shit, i love 80s weekend at the fuckin wave. but our boy g-spot only throws love fest ONCE A YEAR. which means it's time to sneak out and book over to the west side of the island. the last time i was over here? um ya.... like 5 months ago for the makaha beach house thing....
anyway... i think this is the fastest i've ever driven leelou, like, ever.

thank god derin loves me. or else i'd be out thirty bones

after i snagged this shot of tamra that security dude on the left was like "eh! you can't come in with cameras. take that back to your car" my car that was parked, like a MILE away. do you think i went back? .......haw.

jamal with g-spot. yo g, thanks for the little party! only the ENTIRE island was there!

caught taharba's sesh

ran in to musicmaker dave wilkie. love love LOVE!

i would have tons more but still going on sd100 time, which is baaaaad. don't worry tho. i keep sayin things are going to get better. i MEAN it. trust me. trust dr. phil. already got the 1gb sd card.... YAAAAAAAAA!

oh, where was i. love fest. it was super fun. EVERYONE was there. i got there late so i was bummed. thank god there was an after party. that shit was TIGHT too yo! the skybox. no windows. we stayed til waaaaaay too long. ikon? um, LOVE YA!

what now. now much else really went on this week. i had my television debut on tuesday. how did it go? it sucked! hahaha.
got picked up by a limo tho. that made me feel kinda important. too bad no neighbors were up. ugh.

mmm? how do i look? same as ever? DAMN.

the sound guy weaving my microphone through my wardrobe. cool job, yo.

kala was in charge of babysitting. aw!

as close as i could get to the set. damn. oh-- we're at hula grill by the way.

so ya-- don't ask me what it was for. don't ask me when you'll see it. don't fuckin ask me how it was. i already told you and showed you everything i'm gonna. it's pau. PAU.

oh wait-- here's leslie and taylor. sweet girls.

NOW. AUBREY! guess how old our little bamp tramp is today. JUST GUESS!!

mexican fieste. dress code: men must have mustaches and sombreros. check.

girls must wear skirt and no panties. check.

lg is not hatin, he's participatin

aw. another bamp tramp with a birthday this month...

brad was like "FUCK wearing a mustache..."

brad hooked up lg. rad.

matty boy showing everyone...

...the video of aubrey getting sacked in the balls by a well-known band's drum machine pedal


just in case for some reason you haven't noticed the bling brad recently got for the boys

kalei. kalei kalei kalei.

REAL moustaches get more points

hawaiian chicken, a la philip pendleton

olana? olena?? OLENA!!!!

ugh. EVERYONE has a better camera than me. *pout*

pinata art

i was worried about kamilo

they know what's about to happen

aubrey doesn't

ha ha can you see brad's head on the bottom of this shot

the water was necessary so the flour would stick

aw. aubco is such a good sport. but i mean, anyone who can grab his own poopie out of the toilet is gonna be able to withstand some measly flour and water.

not sure if you can see this shot. but it's golden.

flour. water. then thrown in the jellyfish inested bay.

about twenty minutes and three showers later. it's time for cake!

what the.... hey.. who did that

monica rules. the end.

that's all for this week honey honey honey.

this weekend is MATTY BOY's birthday. everyone is gonna rage at skyline... then tuesday night it's the group deal for matty, kawika, aubrey, and g-spot. a huge ass group rager for EVERYONE's birthday. damn, lots of people were born in august.

so ya-- that's tuesday. see you saturday at skyline. the volcom b. irons movie is saturday at hard rock, 8pm... OH! and the 808 skate is premiering their 8:08 movie at the hawaii theater on monday at... 8:08pm.
see you there.


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