happy halloween! what are you wearing? me? oh, you know. just a polo shirt with dragons all over it that i found when me and kyle tried to sell our clothes at stylus. it's not really halloween but hey, prom is tonight! should be worth some laughs. and stuff.

it was the last art after dark at the honolulu academy of arts until, like, february-- i couldn't NOT go.

alisha and der made it too.

about now is when i should mention that i was there early. VERY early. as usual. it gets hella crowded there later on.

prada had their grand re-opening party in waikiki tonight. i couldn't NOT go...

if you aren't in to champagne you could choose from the [SUPER yummy] lemon lavendar....

....or lychee martinis. the lemon ones were to die for. i think i DID die.

bringing animal print back. finally.

ps: sorry about photo quality. how many times to i have to tell you. i'm not good at this.

was missing kalei like crazy. she gets two

russell tanoue!

couldn't even let matty and kayce get in the door. what they didn't realize was that some of the LOST people were behind me and i was obnoxiously paparazzing THEM instead. blame the lemon lavendar.

this is daniel dae kim. look, it's daniel dae kim. he was totally there.

supercrew was mos def in full effect at this function

NICOLE! i've figured out how to successfully lurk nicole. just show up to the most fabulous events on oahu. easy.

flash with tessa and steph. see why i'm not so hyped on my flash? kyle gave me a new one but i need to figure it out. until then. you get not-so-great shots.

HE probably got better ones

sarah's dress was all kinds of fabulous.

SORRY jeez maybe someone can tell me how to take photos that aren't blurry? ACK!

there are no stereotypes in prada. gay does NOT automatically equal hip and fashionable. in this instance, it does.

this one too

brandon ching was there


wang. i had to show it. it cost half a month's rent

congratulations, jennifer pang. you have won most fabulous pr vixen on the island.

eddie takes good care of us. we love brothers security

saturday was the best day ever ever ever. you have no idea. and i guess i'm not allowed to tell much more.

i HAVE to. we took naumgay and kuentzong to the swap meet. and to nuuanu stream. and to kent's. and snuck them in to the film festival. no wonder they love you so much honey

the swap meet was much more bearable after this


well hope everyone has a good halloween! it's officially the holidays people. crazy fast this year went. let's finish it on a good note, eh? i love you