back! woah. what's going on here...

oh! ok. molly picked me up to go to the pool party. yay!

lacy came too...

diamond head was going off. this is where justin timberlake surfs! haw haw.

i notice this stuff when i'm around molly and sarah mostly.

resh is back! did you miss her?

and no she is completely serious. and still young looking! you now know why... it's not because she is *actually* young. it's because she uses THIS much sunblock.

and this is how derin stays so young looking. a cabana.

krystal! i saw her twice over memorial day. *swoon*

didn't stay long at the sheraton. sorry. i needed to rest for planet of the drums at lotus later. i am still sick you know.
skip ahead 8 hours. lotus!

haw haw sarah.

shoots alex. ps: i drank the mashed cans of red bull not the yaeger bombs. yuck.

haw haw sarah.

group shot! SMARTL! wait... h2oSMARTl!

this was my drink[s] of choice tonight.

geniveve was my alternate drink of choice tho! nice one anton. we loved herrrrrr.

ps: the new 808skate shirts.

ok back inside. it's planet of the drums time.

and don't think there wasn't a lot of people there....

the situation for dancing right here people.

and dance we did

miko franconi! what's so hot about incognito tonight sir.

so we are making small, ever so slight mentions about lotus as the 'new wave'. mainly because of how fun and random the clientele are. and that it's open til 4.
so there are two main areas to cruise. then whatever other rooms they decide to open. and outside is a whole other area. it's like 6 places in one. with the only downside being that it's in waikiki. but cruising outside is actually a pretty fun part. so parking? is worth it!


'leen was SOOO in the main drum and bass room like the entire time. dancing dancing dancing. it was crazy fast energetic crazyness in there. i was scared at first....

...but the mc guy j messinian was super hot and not that scary.

oh, yay! i'm famous now!

and you know what? the majority of drum and bass fans are hot males. as in good-looking males.

you know what? it was actually DAMN fun. i didn't move from this spot for a very long time. i even danced. to the fastfastfast music stuff. it was goodgoodgoodandiburned1000caloriesmanwooo

meanwhile back in the outsideland. haw haw miko's hat.

couldn't stay away from YOU for long...

the crowd was rad. the music was amazing. this was pretty much a superDUPER night.

making sweat look sexy... and sweatsweatsweat we did.

anton glamb time!

we're going to greet everyone out at the sandbar in kaneohe bay.

i don't think i've ever said sandbar and NOT said boat rob. ps: BOAT ROB.

maggie's dog. SMILE!

you can't say "boat rob" without saying "vrooooom vroooooom! margarita anyone?"

NIKKI! taking a break from professional ice skating to let me and anton gush all over you all day. yayayay.

the practical decision.

don't think it didn't rain a little....

...but even when the weather was ugly it wasn't... so ugly.


diggity doug!

sangria? ok! thanks kellie :)

haw haw. inside joke. and no it's not what you think. you'll never guess! ok hint: she's on the phone.

well THERE'S the birthday girl! mariaaaaaa

i couldn't think of a fun gimmiky way to photog things and make them any different from last time. then. duh! FLEX-OFF!





maria is modeling [and was wearing the best version of] this summer's musthavehotitem. the ity bity bikini bottom!


BUBA! he said tara reid was at the natural vibrations cd release. WHAT was she doing there? good taste in music at least. partyparty!

thanks for the ride out russ. see you tomorrow at o lounge!

meanwhile back on the pier: "put THIS in your blog!" ...ok! peace.