slow weekend but great things happening! you'll see later. meanwhile, it's time for another sunset!

and now.... it's time for CHINATOWN!

spending a lot of time here but whatever. it's not like i work right around the corner or anything. and you know....

there's wine tasting every day at 5pm mister! every DAY!

lacy and i explored dave's newest uber hip chinatown-improvement venture in the form of a wine bar

forgot i was in chinatown for a sec...

...felt like i was back in castelvoltourno (that's in italy)...

ps: i lived there for like three years. drank a LOT of plastic-cork wine. yum!

my fav piece of flair there, sorry for awful shots. remember, i'm downgraded to shitty-digi since the "car incident"

lacy couldn't decide what wine to drink. there was some GOOD stuff there, man

skip to dole cannery for another supercrew meeting. isn't this place pretty! hard to believe just to the left is...... the costco parking lot

kalei's been looking a bit classy-professional-senator's-granddaughter lately but whatever

add elaine. ELAINE!!!

tim came from work. this is what he looks like at work. guess what tim does. guess!

raided derin's office after. he wasn't feeling good this week

he only has the best office deco ever

skip ahead to super duper romantic dinner rez for kc..... but HEY! look who's also here! (i know, you can't see... it's der)

guess what it's time for! another sunset, friends. super sunset blog right here folks!

i had the scallops. once again, let me mention..... supershittydigicam

MIKE was one of our waiters! MIKE! how ya been homey!

he was doing this cool 151-on-fire thingie for our dessert

flaming strawberries. hooray!

time for a mele. a ruckus of sorts. no, mele works better.....

AKAKA! got to hang in the "family room" tonight. i'm TOTALLY part of the akaka family. hanai, anyway

the other akakas present. some of them are hanai too

non-hanai akakas. REAL akakas! kalei's brother and mum. they kind of rule but whatever

add akaka. kala akaka! ps: they're just kidding they love him.

saw mufi for the first time. he is TALL. like crazy tall. like seven feet. HOWZIT MAYOR!

another akaka! kalei's grandpa! hey! heeeeey! over here!

joined the.....

...procession to dole

jumped in front to join the paparazzi. it was a political who's who extravaganza!

over here! here! grrrr, i'm not so good at this....

warm welcome at dole.

aw! la'akea's on the big screen. he speaks fluent hawaiian, btw!

MY guest of honor

i was doing this wonderfully mature manuver that consisted of holding up my arm behind the live newscast and trying to photog it on the big screen. i'm on the far right.

i feel sorry for people i hand my camera to. i mean, they are looking at this giant mess of plastic and metal and looking at me then looking at it then looking at me... then the shots never turn out. well... here we are. blurry. wow, am i blonde much?

akaka hula

akaka akaka (cw arm!)

it was hot in there



a lot of this was going on

WHO is this girl? WHO IS SHE! she wins best reporter of the year. you should have seen her shorthand. it was.... epic. she was scribbling super fast and completely illegibly (i know! i was watching) for evs and must have only had like two words on each page. it was fascinating. don't believe me? ask those other people there

final. HOORAY! akaka akaka akaka. can't wait til november. i mean, if you're in to that.

also: um, i HIGHLY reccommend listening to the most recent club301 podcast. it's kind of totally ridiculously funny. but whatever. the podcast is here, if you're in to that