ya last week was pretty shitty, friends. i got through it tho. yes! just like i said while i was going through the worst pain EVER on tuesday... THIS TOO SHALL PASS! you know what i mean.

so ya, i'm happy. happyhappyhappyhappy.

this week has quite a bit of shots. i was back to my camera happy ways. but i'm still not...er, happy with my camera. stand by. that's changing SOON! philip knows. we'll see! can't fuckin wait..... until then you still get crappy shots. sorry.

OH! and hey-- before i forget, did you grab the latest heavewater mag yet? NO?!?! what the fuck! shit is FREE bitches. just grab it. jeez.

so what. skyline. who doesn't know the deal about this party yet, besides the fact that i'm a frequent patron? well! i'll tell you now... it's the first and third saturday of every month at the sheraton waikiki. shit is tight, yo. every time i go i have a fuckin blast. we run that shit. if you live here or are visiting here (ahem, HEATHER!) you must check it out. but dress nice. please :)
*shoe drooling*

aw. summer!

the boys behind the magic... and the security that we kiss ass to so we can dance on the tables

HEY! it's jason genegebus! i know you love his column. and i love him for thoughtfully covering my nipple with his 2way

yo. i can do that. seriously.

saturday i was still in the midst of a horrible week at work. i was all stressed out about stupid shit when not at work. like how i ordered a stupid glass of wine and the lady never brought it. BRENT EVANS TO THE RESCUE!!!!

guess who!

michael looking stylish as usual... flanked by the new old couple

well malia, it's good to know he... appreciates you

amanda flanked by two jessicas

richard cheese still hanging around the island... rumor has it he'll be lurking at the wave tonight.... last minute dick love!

wtf my love vincent is back from shanghai and this is the only shot i got! WHAAAAA?????


my living room soldiers. aw.

jon eric always stops what he's doing or who he's talking to to pose like a rockstar for me. it's why i love him.

she was supposed to be kinda native american... feathers, etc.

aw brent.

guess which one is the comedian

we call ivan the international man of mystery

i used to live with jenny lopez. always tried to get her to walk around th house naked. hey, at least i tried.

got drunk. accosted an asian.

it's what i do. did my typical "sneak out" after too. haw haw.



if you EVER tell me you're sick of seeing the same photo sequences of hottie monica ivy then prepare to be BLOCKED. ha ha. i will never stop. NEVER. i love this woman.

kayce too!

security brothers, brothers security. bro.

fucking yes

kalei and her damn late ass appearances

since i didn't have a booth this time we had to do our schenanigans in the lounge. thanks to security for lagging with the "warnings"... the lounge is SO where it's at, people

so sunday was actually a day off for me. rad!

before i go on i need to tell you that i'm pissed off at grant right now. he sucks. but he's such a sweetheart so i doubt i'll be mad long. but JUST for the fucked up "antics" him and kris pulled the other night i'm posting EVERY pic i have of him. he hates having his picture taken. fuuuuuuuuck you! hahahahaha.

anyway, sunday we went on a skate mission near kewalos... i was like "RAD!"...

then he showed me what they were gonna skate

the shoes he had in his truck fit perfectly, thank god, cause the fence had barbed wire at the top

i was not too stoked about having to hop an old rusty fence-- then noticed on the other side it was just open. ha ha.

nice day today. hot tho.


it was this huge bowl at the bottom with about ten inches of powdered rusty fuckin dust. they used a broom to clean it up so they could skate it.... it felt GREAT on our eyeballs. ugh.

here's my "still coughing shit up from that day" self portrait

the boys seemed to have a good time tho

royal hawaiian pool service. er, at your service

after that me and g-dog took a nice drive up to the country.
you know where this is!

ah, the country

haliewa means CHOLOS! and the cadillac li hing margarita that seriously knocked me on my ASS.

it says "i'm a slut" ha ha

more tequila. grrrreat.

we got wasted in, like, record time

oh, i said i was gonna post every pic i have of grant... here's another one. sorry you're being subjected to this. trust me, he really screwed up :)

sunset for the pool sharks means get your ass over to steve's fuckin pool

steve hates having his picture taken too. oooooops.



ha ha look at grant passed out over there. we were SO drunk.

this dog belongs to the hot 22 year old wife of none other than the man himself jay fucking adams. what.


so hosoi is in town for a family reunion and came by the pool too. the first time i ever met him. he. is. awesome. and his son is sooooooo cute. rhythm. he skated the pool too. it was so cute! sorry i didn't get pics of the legend himself i didn't want to act all fanned out. you know. but next time! cause he was super rad.

anyway... monday and tuesday were pretty un-fucking-eventful. i was on 12 hour shifts at the helpdesk and not wanting to do much of anything.

wednesday tho was this rad pau hana pool party thing at the marriott that roni and peter were throwing. you know if it's the damn artist groove network that shit's gonna be good.

cheryl was also celebrating her marriage to luis the hunky brazilian she's been toting around. aw!

a lot of people didn't even believe it. until they saw, you know, the cake.

the mac crew was there... that's q-berts woman!

ha ha jimmy is always stoked when i roll up

introducing a new bottle for, er, the same light beer

ha ha jimmy is so fun. and there's our favorite camera.

i used to cruise with hanky and the boys at sandys back in the day

claire was making candied salmon. the salmon she caught while she was home in alaska. she was fucking cooking it and gonna carmelize it then threw it out to come meet up with us. aw.

star has some rad fuckin hair

roni doesn't believe it either

g-spot does

so this delicious pau hana pool party also had a bikini fashion show. rad.

me and jimmy felt like perverts for taking pics of the girls... until we saw THIS DUDE with a video camera. haw haw.



haw haw vince. you're allowed to look.

the girl on the end was snotty to me. hey, girl on the end, you suck. be nicer.

jimmy's friend. FUCK. i forgot his name.

she gets paid $50 an hour to swim around in the pool. nice.

aw corey! baby was drunk. super!

aw sarah

they seriously should name their first born christa. or christa-fer. haw haw.


i'm still having a hard time believing it

but if there was ever a man i've seen cheryl in love with... it's luis. congratulations, og. i love you, girl.

star caught the bouquet

ed mooncal making sure i saw that he caught star catching the bouquet on cam

flash and his fashionably late appearance

roni telling flash how hot his best friend christa is

ha ha star wanted a shot with janet jackson (there was a huge video screen on the wall) but stupid christa used her flash. hahahahaha. (shut up)

good night. heard it went on for a while. text from flash about three hours later at majarajas: "your mai tai crush is here!" ... that's the kid from molokai with the long ass hair that loves to dance. rad. fell back to sleep.

thursday night was movie night with flash and candee and derin and the homies. missed it. ugh. picked up grant and then we picked up one of his old school homeboys from back in the day.
guess what. kris has a lot of tattoos.

missed the movie so i went with them to the hideaway to wait for olena to get off work.
the jukebox is like two songs for $5. grant and kris played like 20 each.

royal hawaiian pool service at your service

i never realized how good they make dirty martinis at the hideaway until the dude next to me ordered one and let me try it. fucking delicious. the best yet.

me and kris killed it. daniel, this shot is for you hon.

we got pretty wasted.

when you're as important as grant they let you pick what everyone watches on the tv

grant HATES having his picture taken. haw haw HAW.

i feel bad for meeting olena so wasted. but she didn't care. and that's why i LOVE HER.

woah. wasted.

the BEST shit ever. yes, it's raw steak. get over it. TRY IT. shit is soooooo good.

matt hates having his picture taken too. aw.

kris is in town for some hurley art show at feng sui. he grabbed dave's book and made a drawing. wow, dave. you could, like, totally sell your book on ebay and make enough money to cover the tab he left us with.

on second thought, maybe not

i'm telling you. the BEST SHIT EVER.

this was one of those nights i didn't realize how drunk i was until the next morning.

the next morning.

ah, a nice wake up call from olena. lunch! just like the good old days. it was nice to catch up. and .... be sober.
she had to give back the miss hawaii 2004 mercedes... but she traded it in for a rad sports bug.

she took me for a ride around the block after we ate. it is actually super fast. turrrr-booooooooo

volcano joes is a rad place for lunch, by the way. go there.

so that was my week. can't wait to use the better canon. SOON!!!!

tonight after work i'm gonna catch the rock show that i fell asleep for last night. thank god there's two nights! after that it's living room with olena. yes, folks. our girl is BACK!

ta ta
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