i've never felt more motivated to work my ass off and turnaround a blog so fast. guess i'm still riding on the highenergycraziness of summer solstice. woah! did you FEEL that? seriously. anyway, so last night. in town. as in china. chinatown. marks at arts. arts at marks. what, like you thought i would miss the Raku Ho'olaule'a opening reception and tea ceremony? ha!

ahem. mat kubo.

grant from gokujosushi

this is my piece. it's called. sniping the kitchen.

nah, i'm at bar35 now.

a private event of sorts. morturary chris, hazmatt.... local celebrities.... wishing tamra porter well with her new career. 'moving up' us sort of the supercrew thing as of late.

oh, hi kevin cotton.

oh, hi paisley.

pommy and his sister natasha that's visiting.

du vin brassiere for some eats....

...with honolulu's most fab of fabs.

checked in with cass. how's wine?

escargot. anyone?

prepare yourself now. you might know of next door and you might have seen some amazing stuff go down here. but tonight? full-service dopeness on every level.

starters? aaron martin.

beat what. like i ever can! *fanning out*


they actually RAN OUT of stella tonight. does that tell you how many people were there? cause... damn.

the statement tee was out tonight in numbers. i was favoring the positive varieties.

WHAT the?!?!? what's happening young mister james...

...hell YES i'll be at omni fatlip next week. right on little homey.

audio and visuals so stunning tonight. ask anyone. ask kalima. i can't wait to see his take.

WHAT THE?!?!? owner of chinatown's hottest multimedia space much?

tall models matter. it really makes the clothing look better and the entire show more refined. jeannie is a pro too so that might also be why this looks so good.

maleks cruised through to say hello before some something at somewhere.

private sidewalk preview show before the show. good freestyles.

oh aaron. angrywoebot. martin.

great. now i get to try and describe music with words. well. with my new job... and my childhood training... it should be easy. give me a minute tho. actually... give me a week or two. thanks! ps: tempo valley is on!

the unity of this group is mezmorizing. for real. paisley's vocals remind me of a groovier mazzy star. i already told you they remind me of a hawaiian sky cries mary, right? ok. i'm sticking wtih that. if you know sky cries mary then you understand the whole dea.

vince cam!

summary: the love was felt. this event was top notch and jake miyasato worked very hard to make sure it went off. off it went. and i'm super hyped for the next one.

til next time....