man.... it started with my reunion.... and is becoming more of a trend. well, not really, but sort of.
i got drunk again on saturday.
wait, i guess i can back up a little. those of you who only know me "sort of" probably would be surprised to hear this, but i don't really ever get drunk. i will "have drinks" but seeing me on a night out when i'm just completely shit-faced doesn't happen as often as people may think. or maybe, that i let on, since i'm pretty wild. believe it or not people can be wild and fun just from the simple pleasure of being out.
...but yeah that's all bullshit now because ever since the reunion i've noticed how fun (and easy) it is to get trashed on a night out. shit, someone help me before it's too late.
SO YOU MAY be able to see in these pics from saturday night how being all trashed for christa isn't the best decision. take note: the 301 pics. you'll see.

.......but of course everything started out just fine. i mean, zana and candee were looking hot hot hot

it's like 10pm... we already have like 2 red bulls and maybe some remy in us by now. what's with my chest here. maybe a bra wouldn't have been such a bad idea tonight. oh well!

at 9:50 zana had been like "hmmm what should i wear tonight" bzzzz! rip! sew sew sew bzzzzz! "there!" and made this fabulous skirt. fashion designers....

and don't EVEN get me started on those shoes.... just ask maleko

booth schenanigans™ just aren't as fun without the rest of our girls... well, maybe they are.... i mean, i DID have like 4 drinks by now, at 10:05

downstairs smoking and more hot hot posse roll up. pink c jodi, lance, nicole, jen etc. i love skyline.

and OUR GIRLS are here now! jen and olena looking as fabulous as humanly possible

wait, *climb climb grunt climb* NOW they look as fabulous as humanly possible! HA!

star looked hot with her straightened hair. and everyone looks even hotter with aubrey next to them. fuck yeah.

i tend to molest boys. sorry. jon q actually ran away from me downstairs when we were coming up. poor kid. i think that empty drink is what compelled him to come back for more.......

guess who. your favorite two slutwhores!! THAT'S WHO FUCKERS!

jen was a dancing machine as usual. so much energy. so much life. SO FUCKING HOT

matty boy's shirt was green! i didn't even notice that until three seconds ago. fucking drinks. ugh. charlie and flash. muah muah muah

won and kevin and their peoples had the next booth. do you think won gets annoyed that i always sing "ONE IS THE LoooooONLIEST NUUUUUMBER THAT YOU EEEEEVER KNEEEEEW..........." every time i see him? if it is, tell him i'm sorry.

music at a good point in time makes hot girls wiggle and sway.

nicole okland. still love her too much. can't you see why people?!?!? oh, and notice my *new* akane top... do you just love it?! now stop looking at my boob. pervert.

ruthanne. man oh man ruthanne. love this woman. love her! LOVE HER!

matt getting a grope and participating in booth schenanigans™ at the same time. fucking two for one i love it.

erin came and participated too. thank FUCKING god i love this girl. oooooo now she gets a grope grope grope too. muah muah

i think charlie likes erin. pass it on!! hehe

flash loves matty boy. pass it on. and damn that shirt really was green! how did i not notice that!? wait, isn't that like the ge commercial where the dude is getting interrogated? except this isn't sea-foam. more of a bright neon with yellow? what do you think?

we interrupt this night out and lots of cool pictures for about ten more drinks. *sloppy slosh slosh* um, yeah.

ian plays poker, smokes cigars, and works on "hawaii" why don't you know this guy.

matt saying "we gotta hoooooold on, to what we got. it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not. we got each other, and that's a lot ...." well, you get it.

the dancefloor. not very many bright colors i'm noticing. what's up with that. where's matty boy.

i know i already said it. and you ALL already know. but i love flash. muah muah muah muah

lance and jen downstairs. you may be wondering now why he always has his glasses like that. see, he says it's so the flash won't reflect off the lenses, causing the viewer to not see his eyes. er... but yeah, that's why. plus it also makes him look cool. and stoned. but cool too.

TIME FOR THE WAVE. wave wave wave. tonight it's fucking MAYHEM people. that's right, mark farina. all these people paid $20 tonight too. wooo hoooo!!!! (thank god there was a guest list, ha ha)
anyway, everyone was out except blaze, who i am seriously missing like crazy from this little thing we call the honolulu party scene. wait, maybe he was here and i just didn't see him. can you see him anywhere? i see claire!

guess who was upstairs!

i barely walked in the door and g-spot is like "drinks! now! drinks drinks drinks!" and at the same time i am getting red-bull/vodka tickets thrown at me left and right. if i was buzzed at all from skyline, i'm completely hammered now. you'll see.
what looks like a simple photo of madison and g-spot turns into a badly angled photo of me trying to consume g-spot

no, but seriously. what the HELL am i doing here. what. tell me, WHAT. at least myke thinks it's funny.

thank god it's myke, and he loves me no matter how obnoxious i get :)

jay-spree looking unusually bright eyed. what's up kid? i know, i get stoked when i'm standing so close to erin the hottie too. FUCK YEAH I AM

do you know how i feel about matthew grim? no? are you kidding me?!?! you don't know me AT ALL then. get out of here!

amber! matthew being a gentleman and stepping aside to let me get at some g-spot loving. oh what a mistake. he trusts me too much sometimes.

robin you are too hot! and can i tell you now how fucking SWEET it was to cruise with nadine!! they were fabulous at the hanohano room and i love this woman people! call me!

kaveeka was out tonight. i bet you all miss this one. i know i did!

oh my god i am so trashed. ugh. madison! don't just stand there dooooo something!

going through the pictures it's like club, club, club, THIS SHOT, club club. i don't really know where we are. i know we needed a secret key to get there. and i know we paused for groping. that's all i know! you can't make me say anything!

upstairs it's blue magazine's ANDREW the sexiest, most talented photographer (wait, that's me) i mean, the second sexiest most talented photographer. ha ha. his german friend, zana and brock. andrew. i love you.

blurry pictures is another result of me drinking. do you really want me to keep doing this?

fuck all this, it's time to go to the hot and heavy moulon rouge style out of the way but not really fucking hot hot hot after-hours at Club 301. not that 301... the NEW 301. the real one, where EVERYONE is invited. come on maleko what's with the middle finger man.

as if we didn't get enough kawika-at-the-door at skyline. oh no! more please, but this time he doesn't just have on boardshorts and isn't holding chewie and nui so they don't run out the door. and my name BETTER be on that damn clipboard. hehe.

kayce please tell me how you guys still look so well put-together at 4am. wait, they probably aren't drunk like me.

um, yeah.... like i said. if i had just drank the red bull drinks MINUS the vodka you'd be scrolling through some great shots of hot burlesque dancers in lingere, cool ass barstaff (including cheryl. YES, CHERYL). matty boy and flash with those hot ear-pieces in, sexy waitresses, hardcore after-hours nightclub people, jodi, nicole, hector, geoff, chris the sexiest wazzu boy ever, dawn, dani and rachel the new zealand girls with fantastic boobies, candee, adam bringing out water bottles in an ice bucket like it's cristal, mark farina, matt grim on the tables and FUCK... just a great time. i mean it. FUCK. and supposedly i just missed blaze. i can't believe my luck. oh well...... instead you get THIS

and THIS... what the FUCK is wrong with me! hahahahh

whatever. i guess it was worth it to have a little more.... unbridled fun than i'm used to? fuck it. at least i got to make out with a hot boy. that always makes anything worth it.

anyway, that was saturday. i got ONE from sunday at gordon biersch with al. and ladies and gentlemen....... IT'S AL!!!

that's all. sunday was good. "AMERICA! FUCK YEAH!" we saw that team america movie and it was fucking hilarious. you'll see. the puppet love scene had us laughing so hard we cried. then rockin sushi and lots of saki.... then yum yum yum yum then zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

back to work tuesday-friday. see you this weekend.

("muah" is my new favorite word. i see a lot of people use it and i like it. makes me think they're kissing me. ooooh! mmmm! muah muah!! see?)

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