hey, SUMMER. where do you think YOU'RE going missy! you better stop horsing around, this is hawaii, summer. and we ain't gonna take none of your august-just-breezed-by-along-with-june-and-july CRAP! i'm serious. come closer let me tell you in your ear so you can hear me...
pssst: it's NOT OVER damn it. but we'll get back to this subject later

first, we have to celebrate matty'boy hazelgrove's birthday again. at guy-kaku again. because that's what he likes and that's where the meat is people.

supercrew has a serious addiction to this place

maggie maggie maggie who's last name is REALLY beach, not like jimmy. that was actually his alias that i made up. HA! fooled all you googling people! jimmy your secret is SAFE with ME

gyu-kaku, hooraaay

my darling kalei, i'm so sorry honey. nothing i got of you was appearance-worthy. but thanks for cooking my shrimp!

monica ivey!

this was seriously here on the chimney and it totally was just a coincidence. never mind that everyone who was there tonight besides me was wasted on mojitos the night before. crazy, man. it was like this total intuitive gyu-kaku-psychic moment from the twilight zone sort of

friday! usual hot spot (literally) at magoos for kenny's birthday. happy birthday kenny! ANOTHER leo!

went back to the stream with kc and our newly inflated -fish-catching egos saturday morning. there's a waterfall there too! sort of!

took a while but got a LOT of little fishes for kyle's new totally awesome super-duper pond that someone TOTALLY awesome got him for his birthday.

sunday. sheraton-day.

keeping maggie at the door to check ids?

i was figuring out all sorts of reasons to stay near the front for a WHILE. signed up pretty much everyone i know to win a trip to vegas

what a perfect day to lay around too

hey resham!

i know right now you're wondering... was malia surrell there? well the answer is yes. yes, she was.

flash and matty are doing what me and jacquie are doing-- the whole spending a LOT of time together, so much that you accidentally start dressing alike.

alyssa, hot smart and perfect, meet resham, hot smart and perfect.

everyone there watched this lady pile on tanning oil like they were watching a train wreck. it was mesmerizing that's for sure. i can't even really tell you why, but trust me.

kyle mitsumori took a liking to resh, ha ha he even took a movie of her.

maleko told everyone it was my birthday. either that or he said someone that sounds like me, because everyone was saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" to me. i was like THANKS! i'll take a mojito!

i took a LOT of mojitos.

hoang was our cabana neighbor

this was the cabana-boy amy hired to keep derin stoked. it didn't work out that great because NONE of us really spent any time in there. he was stuck watching our stuff all day. thanks eh!

lacy was wearing a top made by mrs. gellatly. totally won the best-dressed

taking a break from this blog to drool over maggie some more[pause]

aubry where did you just go? the mainland right? TOTALLY bringing the do-it-yourself white tee thing back to hawaii i see. it works!

kayce and monica were there!

ps: derin's outfit was totally pool-day fab. best-dressed winner in the male category

ten dollar cheeseburgers. um.... rad.

brandon ching. HEY! over here!

ah, good eye, good eye.

eric and eddie showed up

i got called out for sniping

couldn't help it tho. HEY! look at that girl's setup. HELLA stacked.

you can't see here, but derin's shoes matched.

these girls win for funnest females. they were dancing the entire time

sometimes it was like being at gold's gym...

...and sometimes it was like being in a cabana with the girls playing poker

me and derin got shunned by maleko for requesting paris hilton. excuse me, but it is ONLY the top summer hit of 2006, but whatever.

red bull shane, wait-- what do you do now? i'm pretty sure it's not red bull anymore. or is it? AHHHHHH! tellllll meeeee

rick was one of the top whitest whiteys there.

ladies and gentlemen, may i introduce the sheraton waikiki. otherwise known as "that place where skyline is"





oh, there was volleyball too.

i'm out. peace.