you can't tell but derin took me to osake on wednesday for happy hour

it's pretty chill. the food is SOFA KING good (like my new PG-13 rating?)

kamu is the "fun guy" from all american rejects. clearchannel people are all just SOFA KING fun

they kind of gave away a surfboard. but whatever.

oh! now you can tell. derin took me to osake on wednesday...

the place is jamming on wednesday pau hana.

but it's mainly CC peepe. and MAN they are fun!

we slid over to indigo to catch makana.

he has blessed honolulu and is playing his new stuff there every week. it. is. SOFA KING good.

now where are we. OH! O lounge for vertical junkies thing. summer camp.

boosh is in town! til, like, october! the barely legal girls are on it!

there WAS a fashion show. somewhere.

there's rod and blaine

barely legals. and look how easy it is to spot 'em

cruised in the back with philip and aubrey. grown ups.

smart mag molly and sarah! grown ups! YAAY!

chris kays is so funny. him and the other kids SO have this place on lock.

tristan was papparazzi tonight. terrific for me since i don't have my nice little digicam anymore.

now where am i. OH! quinterro's for germ's birthday. he got the best collection of gifts ever.

case in point. the giant pegasus balloon. ahem, from me n ktomc

they are closing down soon so it's bring your own now. shoots. larry.

saturday. let's see how skyline two dot com is doing. yup-- still crazy masses of beautiful people dot com

eddie and eric backslash welcome back supercw

red bull shane and crew were my booth deco

skyline, ha ha.

molly's birthday!

yay smart mag!

elliot takane! maleko!

brandon ching!


two girls!

star and rene!

corey and la'au!

the hazelgroves!

matty with... with.... pennylane!

booth deco!

sarah is back there. i missed that one! SARAH!

thanks for talking me into coming star. xoxox.

i didn't know that alyssa is a singer but i DO know she's moving to LA. shit. i miss her already

skyline reunion! vince and sarah! suyin! monica ivey! looks like we all hit the beach or something, huh. i think it was a freak coincidence tho

veronica only has to to the door for a little while. if you can hold out til 1:30 then it's party party party

dance dance

CATHY TANAKA is back in town too. AWWW! i love her

i miss her too. ANOTHER one we lost to LA. i thought people were supposed to come back after that? what's going on. why isn't anyone coming baaaaaaaack

ha ha her boyfriend jason ha a few marks on his face. he WON HIS FIGHT! mayhem vs lawler!
i love the sitch here tho: win a fight, go to skyline.

dance dance. [but really still staring at the sweat that found it's way THROUGH the jacket back there]

jay and pal

see! if you stay til 1:30 you get to see elaine AND have champagne with veronica! NICE!

pau. happy labor day!